Symbolizes the core of the ministry, which is the Holy Spirit. This symbol is consistently found in all the logos of Couples for Christ and its ministries.


that encases the dove represents the world and the greater mission, as well as the undeniable presence of the Holy Spirit in it.


that surrounds the dove and ring has a two-fold symbolism: First, it represents veneration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is the symbol of Christ’s burning love that enriches, enlightens, and governs humanity. Second, it also originates from the tongues of fire  that came down on the Apostles, representing the commissioning of social communication as a medium.


also serves as a replica for a satellite tower, thereby symbolizing communications.

The highlight color of the logo is red orange,
which is symbolic of strength and endurance.
On the dove, it represents the strength of the anointing of ABLAZE
through the Holy Spirit, and its timeless relevance to the community.

Orange also stands for a sense of purpose,
and symbolizes the dedication of ABLAZE
to the attainment of its vision of becoming
a global brand producing world-class products
that set the world on fire with the flame of Christ.