In His Steps 2020 Set


In His Steps 2020 Set is a 4-booklet set daily Scripture reflection journal. It features daily readings and reflection story rooted on the Gospel. It aims to faithfully guide its readers in developing a more meaningful relationship with God and to foster a transforming devotion to the Catholic Church and love for others. 

Published annually with features to cater to Catholics as it provides a compact and functional quality for daily spiritual nourishment. This means contemplation on the readings of the day is possible- anytime, anywhere; be it on the road, at school, etc.

About Content:

The In His Steps 2020 Set is divided into four quarters (3 months per quarter): 

– “Be Holy” for Jan-Mar and is depicted by Christ’s wounded hand, a symbolism of holiness through sacrifice and works for others (reaching out, giving a hand).

– “Just as God is Holy” for April-June and is depicted by the Sacred Hear of Jesus, always burning and beating for the true, good, and beautiful—God’s heart beats in this love and truly radiates His divinity.

“In All that You Do” for July-Sept and has the Holy Spirit for the cover. The Third Person in the Holy Trinity, which comforts us and lives in us inspire us to holiness in every aspect of our lives. Our actions are in His stirring.

“Called to Holiness” for Oct-Dec and showcases the Holy face of Jesus. The recognisable gaze that is holiness in humanity. Christ’s is the true image and likeness of God and His humanity is a realization that despite man’s imperfection, we are all but called to holiness.

Each quarter includes:

Mass Rite Guide

  •     A guide for the celebration of the Holy Mass. Includes the whole rites of the Roman Missal. 

Daily Reflections

  • Reflections inspired by the daily Gospel Readings. 
  • Each page consists of: Daily written scripture:
  1. 1st Reading 
  2. Psalms, 
  3. 2nd Reading for Feasts, Solemnities and Sundays
  4. Gospel
  • Feast Days, Solemnities, Memorials, etc.
  • Reflection Story
  • Guide Questions/ Action Plan

The In His Steps 2020 set is an essential partner in living out our faith. Perfect for the office, home, or for personal use. Not only does it make God’s words available 24/7; the guiding thoughts empowers us to live out the Word.

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In His Steps 2020 Set