Every encounter with God is transformative. We find our how the Lord has slowly been changing the following individuals to become another Christ.

If we want to follow Jesus, we can go to Mary. For through Mary we will meet Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Having “drowned” in his sins and vices, this SFC leader from Metro Manila first experienced his conversion when he started praying the rosary by following the instructions on a prayer book his household head gave him. Now, his personal mission is to become a saint. He consecrated himself to Jesus through Mary on Nov. 21, 2013, during the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


God loves me so much that the only valid response is for me to love Him by turning my back on the past, and embracing life as His Son lived it on earth.

God’s pure love accepts and forgives even the most grievous sins. This is something that this HOLD leader from Zambales had the grace to realize for herself when she first attended the Christian Life Program. No task is too difficult and no place is too far for her when it comes to service, because that is how she knows how to express her love for her Redeemer.


Strive to understand each person you encounter and see the perspective of Christ through them.

Although fully acknowledging that he is far from perfect, this YFC full-time pastoral worker has noticed that, in many ways, he no longer acts like himself. From shutting out the people or things he didn’t like and pushing his personal agenda, he is now learning to listen, to be obedient to his leaders, and to see where others are coming from.

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